5 Common Hair Balding Myths you should Know About

It is becoming increasingly popular for young men and women to pay close attention to their hair care regimens to prevent premature hair loss. There are a lot of theory surrounding what causes hair loss, and there is a lot of information out there from recent studies. However, many men and women who are not particularly well informed often make strange assumptions about why we go bald, and cling to old-fashioned beliefs about hair loss. This causes old wives tales and myths to spread.

Here is a quick look at five of the most common balding myths, and why they’re wrong.

Wearing a Hat Makes You Go Bald

If you love wearing a cap or a hat, then you will be relieved to hear that this is not going to make you go bald. The old theory was that caps cut off air circulation to your scalp, and that this made you more likely to lose hair. The truth is that your scalp gets oxygen through your blood, so you can wear a hat without problems. Just keep the hat clean, because dirty hats can indeed lead to infection.

Hair Styling Products Can Cause Hair Loss

Excessive use of hair styling products can damage the hair that you can see on your head, but it won’t stop new hair from growing. The styling products will not reach the hair follicles themselves. With that said, it’s still not a good idea to go crazy with using styling products, because if you don’t wash your hair properly after using them you could end up with clogged, infected follicles. However, using a hair loss shampoo can help with hair loss – see these reviews on some of the best ones here.

Haircuts Make Your Hair Thicker

Cutting your hair does not make it get any thicker. It might look thicker because of the blunt ends to each hair, and the fact that if your haircut is really short the wide scalp circumference creates an optical illusion, but the hair is still the same thickness, and it is also not going to grow any faster. Regardless of how often you go to the hairdresser, the total rate of growth over the course of the year will remain the same.

The Baldness Gene Comes from Your Mother

The baldness gene is not something that comes from a specific side of the family. Indeed, not all kinds of baldness are even hereditary. You cannot blame a specific part of the family for whether or not you are predisposed to early hair loss. So don’t try to think too much about genetics, just do what you can to support hair growth today.

You Lose Hair When You Are Stressed

Being stressed out will not make you go bald. There is some truth behind this myth, though – stress does contribute to short term thinning of the hair. However, this is completely reversible. When you get back to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle the hair loss will stop. So, while it ids worth trying to de-stress on a regular basis, don’t blame your baldness on your job.

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