Free Sports Betting Odds Calculators & Bet Converter 2019


It can be confusing to compute your sports betting odds, and while you’ll normally be gambling with 1 system, it can be valuable to convert at least one of the odds into its counterpart. By understanding how to compute odds with a gambling calculator, you will be able to convert sports gambling odds for games like American football, tennis, ice hockey, and a whole lot more, across the three distinct formats, or convert chance of winning percentages to each of the different formats, searchable and in a flash.
Understanding Betting Odds Calculators
There are 3 major formats where many online sportsbooks quote odds:
Moneyline/American odds Fractional/UK chances Decimal/European chances Understanding Betting Odds Calculators
Maybe you wish to put a wager on the Ryder Cup at one website, but want to compare the odds with a different site based in another country. Perhaps you want to find the best chances on your favorite fantasy sport or the World Cup football, but you’re finding chances in decimal fractions and moneyline.
Have you ever wondered about the money to be made off betting on the underdogs? Linemakers understand you want to bet on the favorite and do not think they won’t make the most of the!
If you’re interested in getting to grips with odds generally and learning all about how they work, head for our complete guide to sports.

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